In a world of change we first need to determine what skills we actually have inhouse, to then determine what is missing and what we need for the future.

Exospect launched in 2016, however this young company rests on old shoulders with the Exospect core team having cumulative over 60 years of hands-on problem-solving expertise behind them. Exospect evolved from a collaboration of 2 consultancy companies and a software development agency. The consequent merger led to the formation of Exospect (the outside observer).

Exospect’s“Strategic Resource Mapping” methodology, SRM(TM) has been used throughout the world in companies such as Dell, 3M and NASA. Today Exospect offers a full featured software platform built on SRM(TM) principles.

The Exospect platform offers a matchmaking solution that can be delivered in a scalable fashion – both for current micro-skills and associated business demand. The dynamic nature of the platform allows for future proof data-analysis and what-if scenario planning to provide a more detailed vision of future needs and associated micro-skills. The resulting agile skill portfolio is a micro skill set inventory with advanced analytics to identify shortfalls and vulnerabilities and to plan both the current and future needs of your organisation. The interface Exospect offers illustrates in both graphic or table format.