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If the implementation of a major IT project or initiative fails to meet expectations is that always the fault of the technology? If the people who are expected to use the system as part of their business role do not have ‘buy in’ then the desired productivity or functional benefits may never materialise.

This decrease output and in the long term cost the business significantly. Future projects will potentially also suffer, before they even start, as they will be tainted by the perceived shortcomings of previous IT developments.

Convincing people to use new technology, new processes, new procedures requires cultural change. The natural resistance to ‘the new and unknown’ can be overcome swiftly and effectively through a defined programme of change management. This process needs to permeate through the entire organisation, and can be effectively facilitated by Nobu through our series of workshops, mandatory training programmes and fully implemented technical and process strategies.

Businesses of all sizes have faced such cultural change as this in the past when previous technology developments mandated it. The introduction of email, the move to mobile and remote working, all required a process of cultural change. At Nobu we believe that change is an on-going development in today’s world and should not be seen as a one-off huge undertaking. Change can be achieved effectively and efficiently if new IT project are regarded as “business as usual”.