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Cloud enablement is transforming enterprise IT and leveraging the cloud to deliver cost-effective business solutions. Moving an IT infrastructure to the cloud gives companies a competitive advantage in terms of accessibility, cost savings, collaboration, disaster recovery, and automatic software updates. The cloud can be better leveraged when business and application needs are aligned with a company’s IT strategy.

Migration to the cloud requires a comprehensive strategy that considers the strategic and technological aspects of IT applications and environments, as well as the cost and benefits of transitioning. Cloud enablement involves challenges in operational consistency, topological dependencies, deployment policies, and inter-cloud architecture.

Through our work with clients, Nobu has found that companies often find complexities in cloud integration with their existing infrastructure and service level reliability. They also need assurance around security compliance and regulations and that their applications will be safe on the cloud.

Nobu can define SaaS-based applications that use cloud infrastructure and web applications on the cloud that are customisable to your business needs and provide a seamless cloud experience. “Nobu-approved” SaaS-based cloud applications have been tested on their resilience, reliability and security by our team on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.