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Whilst businesses are reaping the benefits of operating online and now earn £1 in every £5 from the Internet, cyber attacks are now considered a serious threat to UK businesses. The latest figures reveal that 74 per cent of small businesses, and 90 per cent of major businesses, has had a cyber breach of security in the last year. Trust and confidence in UK online security is crucial for consumers, businesses and investors.

Cyber Security involves everybody and is no longer the responsibility of an organisation’s IT or MIS department. Anybody who has access to data, or who uses data can be a potential cyber threat. Malicious attacks from the outside or accidental data loss from within; businesses of all sizes can no longer afford to be complacent regarding their cyber strategy.

As IT has proved hugely successful in permeating all areas of a business, remote workers, contractors and supply chains  so cyber-crime has reaped the same success attacking them.

Nobu can expose cyber vulnerabilities in your business that you may not have deemed a weakness or have simply been overlooked. We will externally validate work that has been done to date on a cyber strategy, from both your internal resource and your external IT providers, to determine if it is fit for purpose

Our personal audit reviews your formal and informal process, policies and customs to cover your organisation for what it is, because that is where the true risks lay. Many cyber breaches are down to the lack of, or slackening of processes, not adhering to information governance policies or people simply using non-secure workarounds to circumvent legacy controls that may be in place.

Once the audit is completed, we provide you with a visual representation of your risk paths. We design a strategy and recommend practical solutions how to manage and eradicate currents risks whilst offering insights how to secure your business from the ongoing and ever developing cyber threat.