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Raising the awareness of your staff to the ever-present real threat of cyber-crime is necessary and ever more essential to maintain company integrity. However a potential threat should not stifle staff as they need to remain productive yet empowered to make valued judgments on their own working practices. Nobu offers workshops and training to provide management and staff with new insights, skills and knowledge on the threats and consequences of a cyber breach. Cyber crime is a business wide issue and it therefore deserves a business wide response.

Cyber threats will in one way or the other adversely disrupt your business, potentially leading to legal action, censorship and most probably significant fines by the ICO. The Nobu approach is based on the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials programme which identifies 5 key domains to be reviewed and assessed with the focus being on technology, processes and people.


FirewallBoundaries, Firewalls and Internet Gateways

Secure ConfigurationSecure Configuration

Access ControlAccess Control

MalwareMalware Protection

Patch ManagementPatch Management