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Significant business benefit can be obtained through full or selective outsourcing of information technology.  The general guidelines define that those elements of a company’s IT infrastructure that are core to a business should be managed in-house whilst those elements that are non-core, can be considered for outsourcing.

Over recent years many companies are transforming their outsourcing models and moving outsourcing back onshore or nearshore to maintain better control and reap the value-add that can only be delivered by innovative and continuous process improvements with dynamic integration into security and risk management processes & protocols.

Nobu is not an outsourcing provider.  Our consulting service will assist you in analysing your current IT processes and requirements and link these into your business environment. Only then can the process of (part) outsourcing commence; from the development of the specification, tender preparation, through to the selection of potential providers.

Nobu is totally transparent, unbiased and independent in conducting engagements and on your behalf, we can undertake all the necessary detail in the process; reviewing the shortlist of suppliers and following up on site visits and customer references.