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Most organisations do not have the in-house resource to fully understand the issues of cyber security and even large organisations with internal teams in this space need support. Organisations need a single engagement point with a trusted supplier to manage their threat landscape and risks, which requires combining multiple disciplines and concepts within the field of cyber security. They also want to know they are engaging the best company to work with to solve their cyber security issues.  

With our trusted advisors and services, we work with organisations to help clarify the issues of cyber security and provide agile and effective services and solutions. Our security services manage cyber threats and risks and create organisational confidence and trusted environments.

Our security capability was established solely to providing class-leading cyber security services and solutions and delivers an end-to-end cyber security capability, either as specific engagements or fully-managed services.

We provide a full suite of cyber security consultancy and security testing services, as well as fully managed services such as Managed Detection & Response and Incident Response Management, all focused on improving customers’ ability to understand and ultimately to withstand Cyber-attacks.

We bring expertise in Information Technology Risk, Vulnerability Management and Intrusion Detection.

Our consultancy staff comprise of industry experts in specific security disciplines. This gives us the ability to highlight the relevance of cyber security and to put it into business context to enable our customers to understand how an end-to-end security risk management capability can be formulated


Cyber security is a mainstream threat for businesses. A significant number of organisations still remain unprepared to protect, detect and respond effectively to an attack.

There are many ways cyber criminals can target organisations. Each will cause different kinds of damage and need to be defended against in different ways. Some attacks, such as phishing campaigns, are typically designed to steal personal data. Others, such as ransomware and denial-of-service attacks, have several possible aims, ranging from extorting money to disrupting business operations for political reasons.

Organisations lack awareness and preparedness of the increasing and greater complexity of the cyber security threat.

Not having an infrastructure fit for purpose to protect, detect and respond to cyber incidents proactively.

Failing to strategically align the Business and IT – Business should lead IT.

Inadequate transformation programme to adopt the key areas of focus – People, Process and Technology.


Help you to understand the threat and how to manage this within the business strategy and risk profiling

Support you in raising and maintaining threat awareness amongst the user community

Help you understand and be prepared for an incident and how to respond

Assist you with the application of security best practice with respect to people, process and technology