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Our portfolio is diverse. We will work with you to help develop your IT strategy ensuring alignment with your current and future business needs. We will support you in developing your technology roadmap and we will bring to your business industry best practice in terms of enterprise architecture applying structured methodologies, supporting and working with you to develop your change and transformation needs.

Service Central

Our portfolio is diverse.

Information Technology can no longer be considered a support service and is now very much the information nerve centre of a company; reaching into every part of an organisation and far beyond its physical borders. Nobu is at the forefront of IT development and advises clients when to embrace change and when to stay the course. As IT technologies shift so do markets, rules and regulations.

Nobu offers tailored end-to-end solutions in service management, IT operations and cyber security. In partnership with industry leading software providers and based on a range of internationally recognised standards, Nobu has a portfolio of scalable services and products to support clients in delivering low friction change programmes with the aim of reducing operational costs and improving efficiencies.

We can provide you with professional advice and gap analysis around your enterprise GRC (Governance, Risk Assessment & Compliance) processes with high-level consultancy on cyber security.

Last and certainly not least with the exploding creation of data, Nobu is proficient with the imminent need to manage, secure and most importantly extract strategic insights from this data.

Pillars of capability


  • Cyber security assessment and awareness
  • Information assurance
  • Cyber risk assessment
  • Incident response assessment


  • Business strategy
  • IT strategy
  • Target Operating Model
  • Business and technology Transformation

Solution Design

  • Security by Design
  • Tactical and Strategic Support
  • Solution life-cycle


  • Structured methodologies & frameworks (TOGAF. ITIL, IT4IT, BPM)
  • Process engineering and mapping