GDPR Assessment

Nobu’s data protection consultancy service provides certified GDPR practitioners to support organisations with GDPR compliance covering consent management, data rights management, data protection impact assessments and breach incident response processes. Nobu can facilitate and support GDPR awareness workshops, GDPR assessments, data breach management and programme management of GDPR compliance activities.

GDPR Assessment

Facilitating and supporting GDPR awareness

Service features

  • Certified GDPR practitioners
  • Support in performing data mapping & understanding data usage
  • GDPR gap analysis
  • Risk assessment of data usage
  • Expertise covering data breach, incident response and cyber security
  • Programme management and delivery capability to support compliance

Service benefits

  • Addressing compliance issues in a business focused manner
  • Security of customer’s personnel data
  • Protect customers from ICO fines due to negligence
  • Business transformation and change management expertise