GRC Health Check

GRC Health Check

Governance, Risk and Compliance are a central part to any company whether these processes are integrated into an enterprise platform or are distributed throughout the organisation. As industry and regulatory standards become a key part of day to day operations so companies are subject to ever frequent external audits and verification by the appropriate bodies. Should a business fail in any way then they can suffer significant loss.

We offer health-checks on current GRC activities

Many organisations have failed to meet their GRC objectives simply because the three components have not been properly integrated. Many systems are overcomplicated and disjointed, with too many people attempting to achieve GRC goals from across too many different departments, all of them sending out too many messages about too many policies.

In such an uncoordinated environment, with so many moving parts pulling in different directions, it is easy for the information required for effective decision-making to get lost. Such companies suffer from a lack of the agility necessary to keep exposure and vulnerability in check. Instead, they are forced into a spiral of reactivity, with ‘siloed’ initiatives that fail to see the big picture, causing gaps and redundancy, wasting resources and increasing costs.

An overwhelming number of companies today don’t have a clear, comprehensive view of their operational/IT risks as well as, a way to govern and comply to regulatory and industry mandates.

At Nobu we offer GRC health-checks to give clients a status report of their current GRC activities and areas in need of immediate improvement and/or transition. From there on, a roadmap can be created to work towards developing a personalised GRC technology agenda with specific deliverables for targeted solutions, Audit Management, Operational Risk Management, Security & IT Risk, Business Continuity Planning, Vendor Risk Management and Corporate Compliance and Oversight