Information Assurance

Nobu provides Information Assurance Services covering risk analysis and assessment, risk mitigation planning, remediation management, legislative and regulatory compliance, review and update of RMADS. We provide supporting oversight for the delivery teams towards meeting compliance and for safeguarding requirement, we define and implement associated project planning and resource requirements mapping

Nobu Information Assurance

Providing information and support across all security classifications

Service features

  • Our people are Defence and National Security experienced
  • We understand our customer’s business, its drivers and objectives
  • We focus on people, process and technology alignment
  • Risk assessment across all security classifications
  • Review and create RMAD documentation

Service benefits

  • Establish the relationships required to facilitate timely programme progress
  • Provide awareness of what is needed to achieve accreditation
  • Risk management support across customer’s organisations
  • Proportional and cost-effective risk mitigation