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As companies are looking to transition from vertical closed silos to open horizontal components to create in-house agility and responsiveness, so Technology Operation Models need to be redefined. Departments will need to adapt dynamically, re–configuring themselves as needed to address the changing and ever-more challenging demands of their markets.

This repositioning has significance well beyond cost and restoring the expertise of the in-house IT department: it also impacts the future direction and configuration of a company’s services. There’s also a hugely beneficial impact on cost reduction by, for instance, moving from established in-house services to a cloud provider.  

The implications of these changes have yet to be fully understood in many organisations. The role of technology needs to escape its traditional cycle of narrow thinking – such as making an existing transaction marginally less inefficient than before.

Nobu believes that as companies are looking to transition from their fossilising vertical technology towers this provides the catalyst for dismantling inefficient vertical organisational structures. It’s the perfect moment to align organisation and technology operating models to deliver fast, flexible, high quality data-driven services that have been rebuilt around the customer and able to respond quickly to evolving technical and socio-economic demands