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Cyber threats can hit your business without warning; they can be highly aggressive, they can be passive and in many cases they will be persistent. With a large and diverse range of endpoints in today’s businesses, any device that is directly or indirectly connected to your network could be compromised by a cyber threat or attack.

Constant automated monitoring of these endpoints is required in order to automatically detect any attempted cyber attack. Once detected, remediation action is taken to mitigate the threat through direct resolution or by placing the compromised endpoint into secure quarantine for offline analysis. The threat intelligence information gained from this attempted attack is subsequently submitted to your threat intelligence solution and then automated patching of identified susceptible endpoints is performed.

Nobu has the experience to provide insight as to how cyber threats propagate through endpoints and network infrastructures. Our expertise enables us to deploy threat detection solutions with practical insight and robustness. Working with your staff and key stakeholders we will design and embed a threat detection and remediation solution allowing you to continue your day-to-day business operations with a renewed degree of confidence.