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Transition and transformation seem to be the buzz words of the day. Nobu sees transition activities as a company’s process to reach true process optimisation. And it doesn’t stop with transition as executives are evaluating new ways to become transformative – more forward thinking and valuable vs. simply looking at operational cost-cutting.

Regarding outsourcing, Nobu believes that outsourcing has moved away from finding the least expensive provider overseas. In fact, the cost differentials are closing very rapidly. Many companies are transforming by moving their outsourcing back onshore or nearshore to maintain better control and reap the value-add that can only be delivered by innovative and continuous process improvements.

Taking it a step further, transformative executives are exploring broader ways to become more strategic in their roles, and analytics has become a hot topic. The ability to analyse cross-silo mounds of data and derive insights into an entire process is more of a transformational initiative compared to ensuring days sales outstanding. Nobu works with ‘Strategic Resource Mapping’ tools to give executives the big pictures that they are looking for.

However, without the proper technology in place, such ideas can’t come to fruition. For example, SaaS and/or cloud-based applications are being examined to replace older legacy systems that no longer support the transition from tactical to strategic. In fact, SaaS applications are being deployed to help centralise what can be very disparate operations.  Nobu believes that with these new levels of control comes the ability to transition and transform more easily.